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Here you will find many MP3 lectures on Church History

Page summaries:

History Lectures - This page includes the (now ended) REFC annual series of Church History lectures. There are 86 REFC lectures. The lectures now continue at another venue and these are listed under 'Bulkington'.

History Links - Many links here to sites of historical interest and source material.

Links - Links to Organisations, Churches etc.

Worship - This is proceeding very slowly.

Riverside History Class - 91 classes covering 2000 years of Church History. These are just great, informative, challenging, and pastoral in their presentation - suitable for anyone.

Other Classes - Theology, Apologetics, Culture etc. In fact, anything that doesn't neatly fit the other categories.

Islam - Christians we should know something about this religion / worldview. Some excellent resources (lecture series & interviews) to help. Links to news services (not neccessarily Christian) and Christian ministries.

Peter Jeffery - Peter was my Pastor for several years. This page has some of his sermons.

Sermons - Examples of preaching that I believe exemplify this supernatural gift of The Lord Jesus Christ to His Church.

Articles - These could cover any topic, but are articles that I have found interesting, stimulating, important or necessary covering a variety of topics.


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