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Calvin: Why He Still Matters W. Robert Godfrey 2009
Calvin and the Worship of God W. Robert Godfrey 2007
Preaching Christ from the Old Testament - notes from the ministry of Ted Donnelly Geoff Thomas  
What is the Bible about? Ed Clowney  
Preaching Christ from the Old Testament Sinclair Ferguson  
The Pelagian Captivity of the Church
R C Sproul  
Annual Letter to the Members of Westminster Chapel 1954 - 1968. (1964 Missing) [pdf]
Dr Lloyd-Jones  
What The Bible is All About R. Scott Clark  
Christ in the Historical Books Hywel R. Jones  
The Gospel Is for the Broken Rod Rosenbladt  
Must I Learn How to Interpret the Bible? (Hermeneutics) D. A. Carson